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Clinical Trials


Zarzar Psychiatric Associates, PLLC is fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in pharmaceutical research by way of clinical trials.  In 2003, the clinical trials program began as a way to have a positive and direct impact on both patients who may not be satisfied with current therapies, and to the development of future clinical treatments. Drs. Michael, Nick and David Zarzar all are active investigators on the clinical trials conducted at Zarzar Psychiatric Associates, PLLC.

A clinical trial is a process which evaluates new treatments.  Clinical trials may evaluate 1) newly discovered medications that have never been used for a particular disease, 2) new uses for existing medications, or 3) combinations of existing medications.  Clinical trials provide answers to questions that help us to better understand diseases and develop new treatments.  Without clinical trials there would not be new treatments.

Every clinical trial follows rules and regulations set by the Code of Federal Regulations and the Food and Drug Administration to ensure the safety of all study participates.  Each clinical trial has specific inclusion and exclusion criteria that help determine whether you would be eligible to participate.  Such criteria may include a diagnosis, age, rating scales, blood lab results, heart function tests, absence of complicating medical conditions and prior compliance.  Participation is completely voluntary and you are never obligated to participate in any clinical trial.

Prior to entering a trial you are given a complete explanation, including potential risks and benefits, about the clinical trial and will have the opportunity to address all questions and concerns with your doctor.

There are no guarantees that a clinical trial will have a direct benefit to you.  It’s possible the treatment being studied may improve your health or your condition, but there is also the possibility that there will be no improvement, and you may experience unpleasant side effects.  As a clinical trial participant you are closely followed through frequent evaluations of your condition, including blood lab evaluations and other tests, throughout the study.  Clinical trial related medical care, including evaluations and tests are provided, at no charge. In most of the trials there is reimbursement, at a flat rate, for travel expenses for each office visit.

The cost of participating in any trial is your time.  The time for each visit varies with each specific clinical trial. The initial visit is usually at least 2 hours due to the comprehensive and thoroughness of the initial assessment. Most follow up visits are at least 45 minutes. 

You may withdraw from a clinical trial at anytime.  If you choose to withdraw from a clinical trial before completion, it would be helpful to let us know why you are leaving, but this is not required. This information may help us improve the clinical trial process for other participants and it may contribute to the results of the trial. Occasionally, we may end your participation in a clinical trial.   For example, if at any time your health changes such that participation in the study is risky, we would advise you to end your participation.  Your health and well-being are our first priority.

Patients who have participated often feel they become better educated about their condition, and they gain satisfaction from being an active participant in making new discoveries.

Are You Interested In Participating In A Clinical Trial?


If you are interested in learning more about our current trials, or would like to be considered for a future trial, please talk with your therapist or physician, or ask to speak directly with the clinical research nurse.

The research nurse can be reached at 919.719.9393 or

This e-mail is for clinical trial interest only.  It is not to be used for questions regarding diagnosis or treatment.  For these questions, please contact your provider.