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Helpful Resources

Click on the links below to go to WebPages containing helpful information.

Websites accessed through the links on this page do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of Zarzar Psychiatric Associates, PLLC.  Always consult with your provider for your individualized care.


National Association of Mental Illness


National Association of Mental Illness for North Carolina


Healthy Minds (American Psychiatric Association)


Anxiety Disorder Association of America


Depressive and Bipolar Support


National Institutes of Health


Information on Clinical Trials and Human Research Studies


The Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation

Contact Information

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Clinical Research:  919.719.9393
Facsimile:  919.278.2042

Automated Voicemail

If your call is answered by the Automated Voicemail please listen carefully to the list of options from which to choose.  You may enter your party's extension, and your call will be forwarded right away.  Below is a list of our current extensions.

  Emergency Calls Press 1  
  Doctor or Hospital Calls Press 2  
  Directions/Address/Fax Press 3  
  Scheduling Press 4  
  Prescription Refills Press 5  
  Clinical Research Program Press 6  
  Billing and Insurance Press 7  
  Medical Records Press 8  


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